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Modern Wall Sconces For Inside And Outside Of Your Home

Modern wall sconces
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Many homes that are built these days feature wall sconces which are used to light up small areas or areas like halls and stair cases. They can also be used for nice accent lighting. However many people do not know that wall sconces have been used for many centuries and were used long before the invention of electricity. The first sconces would have been used as simple little platforms to hold candles or lanterns. Modern wall sconces though are a totally different breed from those old platforms and can give you home a huge array of choices for wall lights, both inside and outside.

Inside the home you can use scones are either a primary light source for the room, or to create small pools of light around the room or even as accents. For outdoor lighting of your home they have a number of uses as well. First of all having outside lights like this is a lot better looking than having those glaring security lights outside. If you are to use them as yard lights either in the front or back yard then they will cast bright pools of light around them and then dim, soft light across the rest of the area. This will increase the visibility you have in your yard but without turning it into an armed compound like you would get when using flood lights. With sconces you can have a good visibility at night and also have a lovely looking home. They will also help to prevent people tripping and falling when walking across the yard.



Perhaps the most popular outdoor sconce is the half moon style. The light shade around the bulb will help to keep the bulb out of eye line and shine the light upwards giving a nice look to the outside walls. In the past lights like this were popular indoors as well as outdoors. If you have a look at movies from the 30;s, 40’s and 50’s you will see many examples of these lights.