Top 7 Advantages of Using Residential Solar Power

The advantages of solar energy are numerous, making this trend a popular way of energy utilization. People are always looking for ways on how to provide a solution to various problems such as the environment and global warming and play their part in making this world a better place to live. They have hence resorted to invest in renewable energy because of the known benefits like no mines to dig or air pollution. Here are the various advantages of using residential solar power:

•    It is a renewable resource – The sun’s energy is considered a renewable source because it is an infinite source of energy, which will never run out in peoples’ lifetimes. As long as the sun shines, rivers will always flow, winds will blow, trees will continue growing and the ocean currents will still go around the world.    

•    It is cheap in the long run – The solar panel has an estimated life of thirty years or more if maintained properly. These panels, the associated accessories as well as installation might seem to be expensive initially. However, the reduced energy bill and energy savings overtime makes this type of energy attractive and cheap as each day passes.  

•    The solar energy helps the environment – The sun’s energy is environmentally friendly because it does not damage the environment by polluting water or putting out the green house gasses. Using this type of energy, you can expect cleaner air and assist in turning around the climate change trend caused by man.

•    Solar panels are reliable – Although solar panels do not produce electricity during the night, they generate enough electricity during the day, which exceeds a home’s energy needs.

•    Solar panels raise the real estate value of homes – Installing photovoltaic solar panels on homes increases their real estate value, a fact that goes to show how people have a positive mind towards this type of energy and its various benefits.

•    Panels are effective even during cloudy days – It has been well demonstrated in various countries how solar panels can provide ample energy in cloudy and cold days. They make a very good source of energy even when there is no sunshine during the day.

•    The PV systems are easy to maintain – A quick squirt of water from a hose can easily remove the unwanted dirt and grim collected on each panel. Also, if installed properly, the panels do not call for frequent repairs.