10 Reasons For Installing Solar Panels

 installing solar panels on a roof
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This is an experiment. It will probably only sting a little bit, depending. Ready? Go dig out your last heating and cooling bill. Caution! If this is your first time viewing it you may want to sit down first. Okay now open it up and take a good long look at that ‘total amount due’. Like what you see? Let’s go out on a limb here and say that you are mildly to excruciatingly appalled at what you see. There is a solution. In 2 words: installing solar panels

This is the only convincing list you should need, here’s an introduction to the top 10 reasons for installing solar panels on your home:

1. You can give the one finger salute to your utility companies! Okay that’s rude, but so is consistently overcharging for something that everybody uses and literally no one can live without. Talk about your monopolies!

2. Increase your home’s value. Whether or not you plan on selling now, selling soon or never selling it’s still good to know that your home is simply worth more with a solar panel system already installed.

3. Independence. As a teenager you couldn’t wait for it. Now you cannot only be independent of the utility companies but be free from the problems that arise with them (i.e. storm damaged lines, rolling black outs, power station overheating or explosions, rising prices and outage threats).

4. Sunlight is sunlight. Your panels only need indirect sunlight not direct. Even cloudy days show some kind of light.

5. Ever heard of a CO2 tax? Currently being tossed around in Europe, this will tax the amount for CO2 emitted by your house through the use of traditional heating and cooling methods. Guess what. No such thing with solar panels.

6. What’s the current return on your investments? Well with solar panels you can see approximately a 10% average return.

7. It’s the responsible thing to do environmentally.

8. The obvious savings your family will experience can be better used somewhere else.

9. No price hikes. Until Mother Nature starts charging for sunlight you’re free and clear once that system is paid off.

10. Reduced price. Now that everybody and their brother are getting solar power systems for homes installed the price has dropped considerably.

If your significant other is whining about how much the installation of solar panels is, feel free to share the above list and explain that there is more than one way to not only install but utilize the panels relatively inexpensively.