The Advantages Of Solar Energy And Cheap DIY Solar Panels

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With rising energy costs around the world, now is the time to start looking at the advantages of solar energy for your power needs. Power grids feed energy to most homes and businesses, but charge like a wounded bull – time to look elsewhere. Solar power for homes is the best alternative for homes looking for real choice and great savings. Building DIY solar panels is a simple project that won’t end up on the workshop shelf, it will be integrated into everyday family life and have a positive effect on the environment.

The savings from solar power cost apply to your money, and the planet’s resources. This is one of those few times when you can actually save money and save the planet at the same time – and it is simple. All you need is some basic, easily obtainable equipment and a way of storing the energy you have harvested and you are on your way.

The most important part of building a solar panel yourself is to find solar cells. You will need a good number of these, which you will be wiring together to build one big panel. Each panel typically has 36 cells built into a frame to gather energy. Solar cells can be bought cheaply second hand or new – although you should be aware that lower quality cells will result in less efficiency in gathering energy. Having said that, you will still find that broken solar cells for sale are a great way to get started on your DIY solar panel project.

To finish building your DIY solar panels you will need to wire the cells together and glue them into a frame using silicone caulk or a similar product. The frame is basically to hold the cells together, and to make moving the panel easy – so a lightweight material is best, especially if you want your solar panel to be portable.

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