Solar Garden Lights Your Choice

Solar Garden Lights are small lights that you can place in your garden to give it that special appeal at night and is one of the best garden decor ideas around. What garden wouldn’t look better with colorful lights to highlight its appeal after dark? Powered by batteries, which are charged of a daytime by the sun you can count on these lights to be an economical option to lighting that back corner, or to light up the path through your garden so that you can enjoy it of a night. And because they are powered by the sun they are very environmentally friendly, and convenient, no digging up the ground to run electrical wiring. Just push the post into the ground and you are ready to go, just make sure that they are in a spot that gets plenty of sunshine during the daytime.

When solar lights first came out they were built rather poorly, probably to save costs, but because of this they picked up a bad reputation for there flimsy construction, and there poorly designed circuits that gave them a short battery life. if they leaked allowing water to seep in then they were very short lived. Today’s solar powered lights are a big improvement with better construction practices they are not as likely to leak. The circuitry has also been improved with better solar panels, and better battery technology they will give you light through out the night. Most lights now use an led (light emitting diode) or multiple led’s which use very little electricity for the amount of light that they put out, so that the battery lasts even longer.

Whether ground mounted or on a short pole these lights come in many styles and shapes. From figures such as a gnome, light house or animal, to ground mounted globes or disguised as a rock. Pole mounted lights can be mounted on top of the pole or hanging like a lantern.

One of the big advantages of a solar light is convenience, when you get your lighting system in what if it just doesn’t look as good as you thought that it would. With a wired system of lights you would have to dig the wiring back up to move it, or maybe replant some of your flowers to get the look that you want.
Solar lights let you just pick up the light and move it with no worries until you get the look you want, even as your plants grow its easy to move a garden light to keep things in proportion.

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