Options For Solar Powered Lights

Of course your choice of solar lights will depend on your lighting needs, whether you want some small post lights to help beautify your garden at night or you need something quite a bit larger such as spot lights or area lights all of your needs can be meet with solar powered lights.

For the garden nothing can beat a few strategically placed solar garden lights to bring out the beauty of your garden at night. You can buy them in many different colors and brightness’s, and now days you can even get them in many shapes such as small animals, yard gnomes, or even shaped as flowers. And being solar powered you just place them where you want in the garden, no more digging trenches to bury electrical wiring. As long as they have sunshine of a daytime you have light of a night.

solar powered lights

If you need something bigger like a yard light or a pathway that you need lit up, you can get post lamps that are solar powered or maybe a solar powered spot light to brighten up the back corners of your yard where there is no convenient electricity available. Some of these lights can be obtained with the solar collector on a remote extension so that it can get plenty of sunshine during the daylight hours.

For your backyard deck you can get solar deck lights consisting of recessed lights or post caps. Imagine just mounting the post caps to the top of your deck post and your ready to go, no more drilling out the posts to run wiring and trying to keep all of that wiring hidden. For recessed lights just mount them flush with the deck and they can be walked on, no more going up and down the steps in the dark, a real safety feature.

But wait what if you don’t have a garden you have a pond or maybe a swimming pool instead, well all of these solar lights can be used around a pool or pond also. From a high mounted spot light to light up the water, or solar pathway lighting around the pool. No digging up the ground to run the wiring, and they are much safer because of this. They also make small waterproof solar powered lights which float in the water to really make your pool or pond stand out. You wouldn’t want to do this with a wired light.

Or maybe you need a solar security light with a motion sensor, to light the front of your garage.

With the improvements that they are making with solar powered lighting they are finding more applications all the time where a wired light was required before. Some cities are even testing solar street lights.

So be sure and watch for the Solar Lights.

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