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5 Ways LED Step Lights Can Improve Your Yard

R, G, and B LEDs [7].
R, G, and B LEDs [7]. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Whether your yard is big or small, full of tall trees or rolling hills, has a tall deck or a deep fire pit, you should be able to enjoy it. Your home’s exterior should make you feel excited to come home every night, and make your family feel secure and happy.

If visions of your home’s outdoor spaces don’t make you feel quite so warm and fuzzy, maybe it’s time to do something about it. For a small change that makes a big impact, why not start by adding a few stairway lights to your deck, porch, or patio? They can help your home’s exterior in tons of different ways: they’ll keep you safe and comfortable while adding an element of elegance. Here are 5 different ways LED step lighting can improve your yard (and your life):

1. They can keep intruders far away.

An unlit home just screams, “Hey, everybody, no one’s home!” It’s one of the loudest lures for evildoers to come near without fear of being spotted. But, a few well-placed step lights will make sure they stay far away, even when you really aren’t home. Try some stairway lights with photocells, which automatically come on when it gets dark, or lights with motion sensors to scare those with ill-intentions far away.

2. They can prevent mishaps.

We’ve all been there coming home late at night, tripping up the porch steps and fumbling for the keys. Without proper outdoor lights, you’re really jeopardizing your own safety. Adding battery operated or recessed stair lights in those treacherous-by-night areas will solve the issue, just like that! Even on the darkest, gloomiest nights you’ll be able to navigate your steps safely. Especially when renovating with aging in place in mind, step lighting is a huge safety priority.

3. They can save you money.

Perhaps you already have outdoor lights to illuminate your yard. Why go the extra mile and switch to LEDs? Well, if saving time and money is important to you, LEDs are just up your alley. They use less energy and last longer than almost any other kind of light. This means you won’t have to spend as much hard-earned moolah to operate and maintain them. Plus, since they’re so durable, you won’t waste time on maintenance and upkeep. You can just use those extra minutes to savor their loveliness!

4. They can jazz things up.

Does thinking about your yard pump you up, or bum you out? If you answered the latter, LED step lighting might be just what you need. Maybe your yard is even really pretty during the day, but come nightfall it’s just a yawn. Step lights can add some sparkle, accenting some of your home’s most exquisite architecture. If you really want to add some pizzazz, you can even find LEDs in vibrant colors to perk up your exterior. They’re really easy to program in fun, flashy patterns.

5. They can keep you comfortable.

Another great reason to switch out older step lights for LEDs: they don’t attract bugs. That’s right, no more uninvited guests to ruin your weekend barbeques and romantic nights under the stars. This is because LEDs don’t emit UV light, which is what attracts bugs in the first place. Relaxing bliss can finally be restored!

Bio: Annie Josey is a blogger for Pegasus Lighting, an online lighting shop committed to educating people on how to use light to improve their lives. In her free time, Annie enjoys reading, biking, and hiking in the great outdoors.

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